Tuesday, June 25, 2019

One Girl’s Mission To Send Random Love Letters Have Impacted Over 11,000 Lives Around The World So Far

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There’s something special about a hand-written letter, especially in our currently fast-paced, digital world. A letter communicates care and love in ways that an email or text cannot; it takes intentional time and thought–there’s no delete button or Command + Z! A well timed letter can literally change someone’s life.

Hannah Brencher, the founder of  The World Needs More Love Letters, knows the life-changing power of hand-written notes perhaps more than anyone else. She launched her organization after her inbox was flooded with requests to a question she posed on her personal blog: “Do you need someone to write you a love letter today? Just ask.”

Now 12 writers strong, the More Love Letters team has sent over 11,000 letters to people from 49 different countries, all total strangers who just needed some words of encouragement.

Source: Hunter Stensrud via Inspire More
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