Friday, July 10, 2020

Golden Retriever And German Shepherd Compete In The Most Epic Spaghetti Eating Contest Ever

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The best way to start off any morning is with a laugh. Therefore, we present this magnificent video, which showcases an epic spaghetti-eating competition. The contestants: a Golden Retriever named Spike and a German Shepherd named Gilox. (Who knew pups like pasta?)

In reality, the “competition” isn’t much of a contest: Master eater Spike finishes his bowl in an impressive 3.98 seconds, while poor Gilox takes… well, quite a bit longer.

In this case, slow and steady most certainly does not win the race.

Though this video was originally uploaded to YouTube by user TheBragdBirger last year, it recently resurfaced and truthfully is too cute not to share.

So, fellow weekday warriors, we suggest you channel ol’ Spike and start your week off like a champ.

Source: Gillian Fuller via Elite Daily
Alissa Fairchild > Twitter

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