Friday, June 14, 2024

5 pub crawl themes that will make your summer insanely awesome! Theme #2 is too funny for words!

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What is more fun than bar and pub hopping with your friends? Bar and pub hopping with your friends in ridiculously themed outfits, that’s what.

1. Snuggie Pub Crawl
Because it gives people a reason wear their Snuggie in public. Don’t lie we know you own one.
snuggie pub crawl
2. Pug Pub Crawl
Pugs and Pubs go together like . . . well actually they don’t go together at all but hey it has a nice ring to it.
pug pub crawl
3. Get Lei’d Bar Crawl
What’s a bar crawl without a good pun?
Get Lei'd Pub Crawl
4. Three Legged Pub Crawl
Because walking with two feet isn’t hard enough while intoxicated.
Three legged pub crawl
5. Bannana Bar Crawl
These people just go bananas for a good bar crawl and look ridiculously funny while doing it.
Bannana Bar Crawl
Article by: Shelby Solomon > Twitter