Tuesday, September 28, 2021

This Police Puppy Trying On A K-9 Vest Is One Of The Most Adorable Things You’ll See All Day!

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Take one very small puppy and let him know one day he’ll be expected to save lives. Then, snap a photo of the moment.

The Boston Police K-9 department did just that. The department took a photograph of Tuco, a 9-week-old German Shepherd puppy, trying on the police harness that will one day fit him perfectly. For now, however, the little dog practically drowns in the excess fabric.

Tuco, named after the “Breaking Bad” drug kingpin, Tuco Salamanca, is practically a dog model.

The image is featured in the Massachusetts Vest-a-Dog’s 2015 Calendar. Proceeds from the calendar buy bulletproof vests and training for service dogs in the Boston area.

The $10 calendar is available online and at all Vest-a-Dog events. To date, the foundation’s purchased over 26 K-9 vests, and has funded first-aid kits and medical costs.

k-9 vest

Source: Emily Arata via Elite Daily
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