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8 TV Characters That We Wish We Could Be Our Best Friends In Real Life

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We love our real-life friends like nobody’s business, but there are some fictional folks who hold a special place in our hearts. Many of our favorite TV series are showcasing the best parts of friendship with tons of ride-or-die besties we’d love to pluck from the screen. They’re the characters who remind us what we look for in a real friend—they’re loyal, honest, hilarious and inspiring. Who cares if they don’t actually exist? Here are some TV characters who we’d totally bring into our friendship fold.

1. Lane Kim from Gilmore Girls

Now that every episode of Gilmore Girls EVER is available on Netflix, what better time than to catch up and remember how perfectly they captured the complexities and changes of female friendship? Lane was someone I could always appreciate growing up: a little rebellious and a lot smart. She was the perfect complement to Rory’s increasing anxiety when it came to school and boys.

2. Cristina Yang from Grey’s Anatomy

Although Sandra Oh just left the show, one of the strongest components of Grey’s will always be the character of Cristina Yang. Yang was that no-nonsense, career-driven, hyper-motivating friend we all need. She won’t judge you and only wants you to live as best a life as possible. Who wouldn’t want those qualities in their best friend? Plus, we all need someone there to dance life’s worries out.

3. Shane Harvey from Faking It

It was difficult to tell whether or not this smart, strange MTV show would succeed. But thankfully (at least until the last episode which seriously made us question Amy’s actions), the show delivered with its quick wit and pop culture references. One shining gem from the show is Shane Harvey, the most popular boy in Karma and a quick confidante for Amy as she begins to explore and better understand her sexuality. Shane’s a non-judgmental but straight-shooting friend. He serves as a confident, loyal sounding board for Amy, as she struggles with romantic conflict.

4. Felix from Orphan Black

When you find out you’re not one-of-a-kind and there are tens of clones of you roaming the Earth, it will be nice to have a friend as singularly devoted as Felix. Who else will help you fake a funeral to escape a deranged, drug-dealing ex-boyfriend? Only Felix, who proves that family can be the best friend a girl (and her clones) can ever have.

5. Poussey from Orange is the New Black

Sometimes we lose sight of ourselves, so it’s good to have a friend like Poussey—someone who knows you so well that she can sense when you’re in danger. From the very beginning of season two of OITNB, Poussey put her safety on the line in order to warn her friends—especially Taystee—about Vee and the dangers she posed. She reminded her friends to stay true to themselves and took them back, even after they turned their backs on her. Poussey is genuine, cool and smart—all great qualities in a BFF.

6. The Gang from My Mad Fat Diary

This much-beloved British dramedy (which desperately needs a season 3) welcomes us into the struggles and triumphs of Rae, a 16-year-old girl just released from a mental institution. Rae’s new gang of friends embrace and admire her quickly and as she struggles to reveal the truth about her past, they continue to look to her as a source of inspiration and confidence. This is the sort of gang of friends we used to fantasize about as a kid. They’re super-tight and they just get each other.

7. & 8. Abbi and Ilana from Broad City

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These count as two because having either Abbi or Ilana as a best friend would be a blessing. Who wouldn’t want a friend like Abbi—someone who will support your stories and antics, even if they’re truly absurd? And everybody needs that one friend like Ilana, who will show you the time of your life and make you promise not to regret it. Their unconditional love and support for each other serves as inspiration for my real-life friendships.

Source: Britt Julious via Hello Giggles
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