Friday, January 21, 2022

Sweetest Prank In The History Of Pranks: Guy Serenades College Girls

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Usually, prank videos on YouTube aren’t nice — they’re funnyscary or just plain mean. But sweet? Not so much.

YouTuber Trent Toney set out to change that with his “Serenading College Girls Prank.” In the 4-minute video, the prankster is seen wandering various college campuses and stopping random girls, asking them to participate in a “poll” he’s conducting.

The final question in each round is something surprisingly sweet — he’ll ask, “How much did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” or “Would you steal my heart?”

As soon as Toney utters the final question, a group of guys emerge, seemingly out of nowhere, and begin to serenade the girl with an acoustic rendition of Roy Orbison’s “Pretty Woman.”

All of the girls involved seem flattered at the surprise, if a little unsure how to respond. Regardless, this is one prank I’d love to be surprised with — there’s nothing like a random bit of flattery to make someone’s day.

Source: Gillian Fuller via Elite Daily
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