Sunday, September 26, 2021

Join Us In A Moment of Silence

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On a more serious (and sadly, less awesome) note, the recent events in Ferguson, MO have brought to light the still-surviving remains of police brutality and discrimination. Starting from a familiar unarmed-black-teen-getting-shot-for-“mysterious”-police-reasons story, this situation snowballed when civilians tried to stand up in the victim’s defense and were tortured and rioted by police. Even innocent reporters and media were harassed and arrested, increasing speculations of a corrupt local police system trying to block exposure from whatever their misguided and/or malicious intentions. As violence and injustice increases in the area, many details are still yet to be clarified. Many people are choosing to show their support through donations, solidarity photos and social media campaigns, live protests, and now citywide moments of silence. Find details about your nearest moment of silence, other solidarity campaigns, and how you can help here:

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Article by: Elizabeth Potash > Twitter

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