Monday, March 27, 2023

This Video Of A Long-Lost Brother And Sister Meeting For The First Time Is Absolutely Amazing

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Imagine having a sibling you’d never met.

That was the case with John Pilotte and Susie Wilson, half-siblings who met for the first time last weekend at Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans after decades of wondering about one another.

Pilotte had been given up for adoption as a child and had never had the opportunity to get to know his family, but Pilotte knew his biological father had a daughter years after putting him up for adoption.

He had always wanted to meet her, but feared he’d never have the chance.

Apparently, she’d always wanted to meet her older half-brother as well: Wilson discovered Pilotte’s information on Facebook and contacted him four years ago on Thanksgiving.

Last weekend, Wilson flew to New Orleans to meet her older sibling for the first time.

Watch the heartwarming moment they met one another — you’ll be holding back (happy) tears.

Source: Gillian Fuller via Elite Daily
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