Monday, May 20, 2024

Too Much Cuteness: The Official Trailer For “Minions” Is Out And It Is So Adorable!

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It’s time to get excited! “Minions,” which is a spin-off of the hit animation film “Despicable Me,” has just released its first official trailer!

The trailer takes us back to a time before the minions had a master. The minions attempt to serve leaders such as Napoleon, Egyptian pharaohs, and even a T-rex. However, none of these leaders seem to be quite the right fit for the cuddly yellow cuties. So Stuart, Kevin, and Bob set out to find the perfect evil overlord, and that is when they stumble upon the beautiful New York City.

Just like “Despicable Me,” the film looks like it will be fun for everyone! You better start preparing yourselves for the cuteness overload because “Minions” is set to hit theaters in July 2015!

Video Source: Illumination via YouTube
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