Monday, August 15, 2022

Portland Man Skips Lunch Every Wednesday To Raise Awareness For Child Hunger And Has Provided 28,992 Meals So Far!

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Portland native Anton Cobb has a big mission, but he’s starting small. In late July he got the idea to set up a table and skip lunch every Wednesday to raise meals and awareness for hungry children.  In just 3 months, he has collected enough to provide almost 30,000 meals to children in need.

Cobb was inspired after reading an article about a 14 year-old girl’s experience with a food bank. Taking on this issue is a major feat, but Cobb recognized that he could make a difference and help out his own community’s food bank.

Anton Cobb:

anton cobb donates lunch money

As many 9-to-5ers know, the lunch time shuffle is commonly from 12 to 1pm. Cobb decided to use his one hour lunch break to do something more productive by using to his time to create hOURLUNCH.

Once a week, he sits at a table at the busy Director Park, puts out a checkered tablecloth, and set up an informative sign to let others know his message. On the hOURLUNCH Facebook page, Cobb mentions, “Your $10 lunch money will buy a great burrito… OR lunch for 30-100 CHILDREN!”

anton cobb with his table

People really responded to his display. Cobb donates the lunch money he saves to the Oregon Food Bank and encourages others to do the same. The idea is really simple, but it draws attention and inspires people to take action.

Cast of USA’s Sirens

USA tv stars do hOURLUNCH and donate

Locals have been donating and sending in photos:

ladies donate for hOURLUNCH
boy donates lunch money

Cobb has had about 20 people donate every week which usually adds up to $400. All of the money donated since he started has been able to provide 28,992 meals. Amazing!

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