Sunday, September 26, 2021

Dance Troupe Gives An Unreal Performance On The Side Of A Mountain!

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It’s always interesting to see something familiar presented in a new, exciting way. That’s why I’m so obsessed with KQED Arts’ latest video. In it, dancers Amelia Rudolph and Roel Seeber (of the BANDALOOP dance troupe) perform a choreographed dance routine on the edge of a rocky cliff face.

The rock climbing and dance mashup is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before — and it’s crazy cool. Secured to the Red Rock Beach cliffs in Marin County, CA, with climbing gear and harnesses, the dancers perform their beautiful routine while suspended in mid-air.

Though the prospect of hanging on the side of a cliff is more than a little terrifying, Rudolph and Seeber are more than used to it: BANDALOOP (which Rudolph both founded and directs) specializes in aerial choreography.

Check out their insane performance above, and head to BANDALOOP’s website for more information and dance videos.

Source: Gillian Fuller via Elite Daily
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