Monday, May 20, 2024

Check Out This Awesome Wall Built Entirely From Legos! (Crazy, right?!)

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Looking to build a wall at home but don’t want to deal with contractors making your life difficult?

There’s a simple, creative, incredibly time-consuming solution for that very problem.

Here’s a hint: It involves an endless supply of Lego bricks. The amount of Legos we all dreamt about at one point or another during our childhoods. The amount of Legos Richie Rich had when he was a 1-year-old.

Germany-based design studio NPIRE decided to build a wall made out of 55,000 bricks. It stands at over 9 feet and has a span of about 10 feet.

That’s a lot of Legos.

Here are what your supplies should look like if you’re building a Lego wall:


Unpack the Legos. Then start building away.


Once you get to the arch, you’re halfway there…


But, not quite. Drink water and keep going.


Almost there…


Boom. Your childhood dreams come true!


Source: Robert Anthony via Elite Daily 
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