Sunday, September 26, 2021

Meet The 5 Oldest Women In The World Today (They Have All Been Alive Since The 1800s!)

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Do you remember what the world was like back in the 1800s? Probably not, unless you’re one of the lucky five remaining ladies born during the 19th century. While these women come from different backgrounds, they all have one thing in common — each of them is over 115 years old!

From World Wars and the Great Depression to the flight of the first airplane and the advent of the Internet, these incredible gals have been around to see it all.

So what exactly is the secret to living such a long life? Each one of them had a different take on how to stay youthful, including everything from being kind to others, to staying active and eating healthy. One of these charming ladies even revealed that the key to her longevity is eating a raw egg every day.

Take a look at the pictures below to see the last living women from the 1800s.

1. Misao Okawa, Born March 5, 1898


At 116 years old, Japanese resident Okawa is the oldest woman in the world!


2. Gertrude Weaver, Born July 4, 1898. Weaver is the oldest person living in America.

Oldest Living American

3. Jeralean Talley, Born May 23, 1899. Talley is also from the US.


 4. Susannah Mushatt, Born July 6, 1899


At 115 years old, Mushatt still keeps her style game strong. She’s from the US, too.


5. Emma Morano, Born November 29, 1899. Morano, from Italy, is the oldest person living in Europe.


Source: Kaylin Pound via Elite Daily
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