Monday, March 27, 2023

Singer Covered “Ain’t No Sunshine” With Just His Voice And This Simple Machine And You Will Be Blown Away By His Talent

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The talent within people and what they are able to accomplish with it amazes me. Mister Tim, whose full name remains unknown, is definitely one such person.

According to his website, Mister Tim is a “musician, actor, composer, artistic director and internet celebrity who has performed around the world in bands, a Capella groups, orchestras, and music theater productions.  His solo vocal live-looping show is a mixture of singing prowess, ear-rocking beat-boxing, original songs, unique covers, and have-to-see-it-to-believe-it spur of the moment improvisation based on audience suggestions.”

But, aside from his uncanny skills using only his voice, Mister Tim is a committed family man. He had this to say in the description to the “Ain’t No Sunshine” video above: “Recorded this about 7 hours before my new darling little girl was born.”

To Mister Tim, congratulations on the new baby and thank you for make such awesome music!

Source: Hunter Stensrud via Inspire More
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