Saturday, June 15, 2024

ADORABLE 4-Year-Old Carson Got To Work His Dream Job For A Day!

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For a lot of students and working people Mondays are not the most favorite day of the week. Many think of it as the day to get back to work. For this cute little boy named Carson, being able to work means his 4-year-old dreams have come true! This UPS video is another holiday viral marketing success. Last week no one was checking for the UPS Youtube channel (seriously) and now hearts have been warmed and maybe even grown a few sizes.

So, let’s kick off the week with the video that will turn any frown upside down and I wish everyone a productive week with as much joy and excitement as little Carson’s dream day.

We really like Mr. Ernie too, Carson!

Source: Blaire Bercy via Hello Giggles
Alissa Fairchild > Twitter