Monday, March 27, 2023

Maggie Grace And Liam Neeson Played A Hilarious “Taken” Style Prank On A Guy

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The third installment in the “Taken” franchise came out on January 9th, and in order to promote this momentous event, Maggie Grace appeared on “Conan.” While on the late-night talk show, Grace told a story about how her fictional father, Liam Neeson, helped her intimidate one of her ex-boyfriends.

Neeson called up the guy and pretended to be his “Taken” character, Brian Mills. He reminded Grace’s ex that he had a particular set of skills he would not hesitate to use in order to compel the guy to “get his sh*t together.”

Neeson even went as far as saying he would break the guy’s arm… “slowly.”

It’s hard to tell if the ex is laughing or crying on the call. I’m going to go with crying.

Source: Adam Pliskin via Elite Daily
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