Monday, August 15, 2022

10 Absolutely Stunning Outdoor Pianos From Around The World

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When British artist Luke Jarram realized just how many people spend time around other strangers without ever speaking to them, he decided to mix things up by placing brightly painted pianos in public places that he hoped would encourage spontaneous communication.

The artist’s “Play me, I‘m yours” project began in Birmingham, UK, in 2008 with 15 pianos brought to various public places throughout the city for three weeks. The project was a huge success, and it was estimated that over 140,000 people played these pianos or listened to others play. Since then, more than 1000 pianos with a simple instruction – “Play Me, I’m Yours” – have already been installed in 37 cities across the globe, reaching about six million people worldwide.

Street pianos, some renovated by other artists or local communities, have begun appearing in city squares, parks, bus shelters, train stations, markets, bridges, ferries, and other public places. The results are absolutely stunning. Here are just a few of our favorites.

1. Cobourg, Canada, 2014

Cobourg, Canada, 2014

2. Toronto, Canada, 2012

Toronto, Canada, 2012

3. Denver, USA, 2011

Denver, USA, 2011

4. Boston, USA, 2013

Boston, USA, 2013

5. Melbourne, Australia, 2014

Melbourne, Australia, 2014

6. New York, USA, 2010

New York, USA, 2010

7. Boston, USA, 2013

Boston, USA, 2013

8. Colorado, Usa, 2012

Colorado, Usa, 2012

9. Toronto, Canada, 2012

Toronto, Canada, 2012

10. Toronto, Canada, 2012 

Toronto, Canada, 2012

Source: Viktorija G. via Bored Panda
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