Wednesday, October 05, 2022

What could be cooler than randomly finding a hand-written love letter… I know it would make my day!

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In this day and age where we receive email after email and hand written letters are becoming a thing of the past. Don’t fear! We now have the opportunity to brighten someone’s day by actually using a pen or pencil, pretty stationary, and writing a LOVE LETTER.

The recipient might not know who wrote the letter but it’s a beautiful mystery that could brighten someone’s day or even change their life! Even if the letter does something as small as make someone smile, I’d consider that a huge success!

Step 1: Write an awesome and uplifting love letter!
Step 2: Make sure to write somewhere on the letter.
Step 3: Seal and find a place to leave your love letter. Get creative!
Step 4: Take a few photos of your love letter and send them to the awesome ladies at
Step 5: Check to see if anyone found your letter!

Love letters are being left all over the world! Join the love letter revolution:

1. Sacramento, CA
2. Stevensville, MT
3. Brisbane, Australia
4. Stockholm
5. Edmonton, Alberta
6. Edmonton, Alberta
7. Nashville, TN
8. Durham, NH
9. Kansas City, KS
10. U OF M

Source: and More Love Letters