Thursday, June 30, 2022

This Time-Lapse Video Makes The World Look Miniature And It Is Absolutely Amazing!

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Tilt-shift lenses are the technology responsible for videos like this one. When combining a tilt-shift lens with high-quality video, recording the result often looks like a miniature model. This is referred to as “miniature faking.”

The director of this video utilized this photographic technique to create an interesting perspective of humans interacting with the grandiose mountains near Geiranger, Norway. He wanted to portray the look of “ants on a hill,” and that’s exactly what he got!

These are my favorite shots that display the effects of tilt-shift photography:

Tilt shift photo of cars in Norway

Tilt shift photography perspective of cars from a mountain

Tilt shift photography of people looking like ants on mountain

Tilt shift photography perspective of boats in Norway

Source: Inspire More
Alissa Fairchild > Twitter