Sunday, September 26, 2021

Maserati Becomes A Work Of Artistic Expression After Being Splashed With Colorful Paints

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It’s not every day you see a $150,000 luxury car doused in an array of vibrant paints.

However, if you happened to be enjoying all of the action that took place at Art Basel in Miami this year, you might’ve been able to witness an artist use one as a canvas. Thanks to street artist Mr. Brainwash, we now know what a Maserati looks like covered in paint.

The Los Angeles-based artist, who is also a filmmaker, was commissioned by Pininfarina, an Italian design firm, to put on a creative spectacle at its Art, Speed, & Design: The Lifestyle of Pininfarina event for Art Basel. The results? Pretty awesome!

But Mr. Brainwash wasn’t the first person to apply his artistic vision to the surface of a luxury car. Not too long ago, New York-based artist Jay West used a BMW as a canvas to illustrate a fearless wolf. While Wests’ car is striking, Mr. Brainwash made his Maserati a little more abstract.

If you were to have walked into the Art, Speed, & Design: The Lifestyle of Pininfarina event in Miami, you would have seen this beautiful, white Maserati.


You also would’ve noticed the mysterious buckets of paint lying around.


That’s because Mr. Brainwash had plans to show up and use the car as his canvas.


This $150,000 luxury car will never be the same. Ever.


As you can see, Mr. Brainwash was pretty excited to get to work.


And we’re off!


Mr. Brainwash didn’t hold back on this Gran Turismo.


As you can see here, he gave the walls some love, too.


This is what hard work looks like.


Now this is stress relief.


Once he was done with the car, he couldn’t stop painting.


Behold, the finished product:


Source: Robert Anthony via Elite Daily
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