Sunday, May 28, 2023

The Most Detailed And Perfect Gingerbread House You’ll Ever See

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gingerbread house

The Bouchon Bakery is an iconic bakery that was started by Thomas Keller in Yountville, California. Many are obsessed with its incredible breads and French desserts. But, we think that the creator of this gingerbread house took his admiration one step further than any of us ever will. Pastry chef Oliver Bernardino has crafted a gingerbread replica of the Yountville bakery location that took him a grueling 70 hours to create. We don’t imagine you’ll be eating up this one any time soon.

The perfectly sweet iteration is a tribute of sorts to Keller’s esteemed establishment, and Bernardino told Eater it is “his dream” to work there. He apparently studied the Bouchon Bakery cookbook for hours on end, and even captured the littlest details of the bakery in his replica, like the signature blue aprons and green painter’s tape used to mark the containers. This seriously makes any other gingerbread house ever created look like child’s play.

“I really respect the values that Thomas Keller instills in his staff; not just at Bouchon Bakery, but in all of his kitchens,” Bernardino told Eater. For more details check it out here, and if you find yourself in Vancouver before January 1, you can see it in person at the Hyatt.

Oliver Bernardino, you just won the holidays.

Source: Angela Tafoya via Refinery29
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