Monday, May 20, 2024

3-Year-Old Ariana Made A HUGE Donation To Help Another Little Girl Who She’d Never Met

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3-year-old Ariana Smith has won our hearts. The toddler from Maine just did something most kids don’t even think about and her reasoning was sweet and simple. Her selfless act? Donating 10 inches of her beautiful golden tresses to Locks of Love. The haircut marked a major milestone in Ariana’s life, too – it was her very first haircut and definitely a memorable one.

Ariana happened to see a video her father was watching which featured a little girl who lost her hair due to medical treatments. Her response was immediate: “She can have some of my hair!” This prompted the hair donation and made the Smiths realize their young daughter had a huge heart. Ariana’s amazing act will guarantee that another girl just like her can feel normal and beautiful, as every child should. We could learn a thing or two about empathy from this awesome little girl.


ariana donates hair for locks of love
little girl's blond hair
haircut for little girl
ariana preps for haircut
little girl's haircut

Lovin’ this new look, Ariana!

little girl gets haircut

Source: Inspire More
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