Tuesday, September 28, 2021

This Awesome Flight Attendant Spreads Love To Flight Passengers In The Absolute Sweetest Way

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Flight attendant Taylor Tippett always asks herself the same question before every flight: “How can I go out of my way to make someone feel loved today?”

taylor tippet secret flight messages

Taylor sees every flight as an opportunity to spread a little love with #wordsfromthewindowseat.

taylor tells people to have a rad day

Her Instagram followers get to see photographs of cute messages Taylor feels inspired by at the moment. After she takes a photo of the note taped on the airplane window, she hides it in the seatback pocket for an unsuspecting passenger to discover.

taylor tippet's words from the window seat

Her surprise messages are simple, but they highlight things we all need to hear once in a while.

 taylor tippett secret message
taylor tippetts simple flight messages
taylor's message to flight passengers

She’s just started her airborne career, but her mission is to inspire her followers and passengers that their dreams are worth chasing.  After shifting from her South Carolina, “beach bum” life to the fast-paced city of Chicago and now to our nation’s capital in DC, Taylor knows a little bit about going after what you want.

taylor's explorer guide
taylor's definition of adventure

Her definition of dreams is that they’re “supposed to make us crazy. They’re supposed to make us run wild and mess up our hair a little bit, maybe even be a bit weird and hang encouraging messages on an airplane. Whether it’s at 32,000 feet or with your feet on the ground—your story is important.”

taylor checking on airplane

One peek at her Instagram and you’ll see that she’s living out her dreams and making the most out of every place she visits. What she’s brought to the ground from her sky-high view is pure magic.

one of taylor's airplane quotes

So what’s the takeaway from Taylor’s awesome habit? Ask yourself “How can I go out of my way to make someone feel loved today?”

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