Thursday, December 08, 2022

Will Ferrell Is Using His Video Game Skills To Raise $375,000 For Cancer Organizations

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Playing video games with actor and comedian Will Ferrell? Sounds like a dream. Well, Will’s teaming up with Amazon, Xbox One and Twitch to make this crazy idea a sweet reality for one lucky person. He’s hosting a huge campaign on Indiegogo that just started on September 10th called “Will Ferrell’s SuperMegaBlastMax Gamer Challenge.”

Anybody can enter by donating at least $10 to the campaign, and there are some pretty awesome perks if you do. Participants can win Amazon video games credit, 1 month of Twitch Turbo, Will Ferrell’s special and limited edition gamer sunscreen, official t-shirts, and even a video message from Will himself. All of the proceeds are going towards Cancer for College and

Cancer for College is a charity that was started by Craig Pollard, a friend of Will’s from college that had cancer. Will helped spearhead and bring attention to the group through his growing fame. Donations provide scholarships to survivors of cancer and the organization has been able to grant nearly $2 million in scholarships to over 1000 survivors. The biggest donation amount of $5000 will fund a college scholarship.

Will Ferrell and his friend, Craig Pollard, founder of Cancer for College

Will Ferrell 1 combines philanthropy and technology to provide financial assistance in the form of paying for insurance, rent, and hospital fees to help families that are taking care of a child with cancer.  Will hopes to raise a total of $375,000, explaining that this amount will be able to provide 150 new scholarships for cancer survivors.

Both those battling cancer or survivors that Cancer for College has provided scholarships for

Will Ferrell 2

One very lucky winner will get to play video games with Will Ferrell in San Francisco at the Twitch office. Twitch is a video platform and community for gamers all over the world and the website will be live streaming the epic video game battle between Will and a stranger. Top gamers, sponsors surprise guests, free swag, and a photograph with the man himself are all included in the grand prize. Sounds freakin’ amazing! Great to know that behind the hilarious man there’s a heart of gold.

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