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Peter Thorpe Dresses His Dog As A Different Animal Every Christmas And It’s Just The Cutest

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Every Christmas, Photographer Peter Thorpe does to his dog what I dream of doing to mine — he puts her in adorable costumes that she doesn’t seem to hate. For his annual holiday card, Thorpe dresses up his dog, Raggle, as various animals, and it’s the sweetest. Thorpe started the tradition 20 years ago with his dog, Paddy, and has carried on the tradition with Raggle. None of the photos are photoshopped, and every costume and prop you see is the real deal.

Another real deal — Raggle’s ability to be awesome about wearing costumes and getting her picture taken. Unfortunately, Raggle is too old and weak to continue (as the subject of the photos, not as a dog), so this year’s Christmas card will be her last.

Thorpe explained Raggle’s retirement on his website:

“The final performance for Raggle before her retirement. Elderly and with a weak heart, she still responds very well to tasty food, so we lifted her on set for just a few minutes. Like a true pro, [she] sat in position and gave a few head and eyeline options before returning to her basket for another snooze! So, two dogs, three children and now over twenty Christmases later, making these cards has become something of a family tradition and a lovely record to treasure.”

We absolutely love this family tradition. Take a look at some of Raggle’s moments in the spotlight:

Little Nipper, 2014

Turkey Dog, 2013


Bah Humbug, 2012

Penguin Dog, 2011

Sheep Dog, 2010

Dog Roast, 2009

Dog Key, 2007

Camel Dog, 2006

Check out Thorpe’s website for some behind the scenes action.

Source: Jill Layton via Hello Giggles
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