Sunday, August 14, 2022

Mr. Reed Is The Inspiration We All Need For Going Back To School

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If we’re all being honest, going back to school after a three-month summer break of fun is a struggle for everyone involved—the students, the teachers, and even the parents. I’ll be the first to admit that those first few days back on campus are certainly not the easiest of the semester (especially when there’s an 8 am class involved).

However, fourth grade teacher Dwayne Reed from Chicago is bringing some excitement to his classroom this August. Rather than giving students a boring “Welcome Back” newsletter, Reed made an AWESOME rap song and music video called “Welcome to the 4th Grade.” After watching this, it’s official: we’re no longer depressed about the start of the school year. Shoutout to Mr. Reed for being the inspiration that we all need to get through the coming year!

Video Source: Mr. Reed via YouTube