Sunday, February 25, 2024

These Two Awesome Dancers Just Absolutely Slayed Beyonce’s “Who Run The World (Girls)”

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14-year-old Larsen Thompson and 11-year-old Taylor Hatala first caught the world’s attention when they showed off their incredible dance moves to an edited version of Big Sean’s “I Don’t F*** With You” in March.

Calling themselves The Fraternal Twins, the girls have amazed the world yet again, this time with their absolutely amazing performance to Beyonce’s “Who Run The World (Girls)”. The video features the duo slaying difficult choreography, as they strut around an office space completely in-sync with one another.

The dance was choreographed by Janelle Ginestra and the video was directed, filmed and edited by Tim Milgram. I don’t know about you, but watching Taylor and Larsen pop and lock definitely made me want to go sign up for the nearest dance class. Check out the girls’ amazing moves in the music video above.

Video Source: Taylor Hatala via YouTube
Article by: Alissa Fairchild > Twitter