Saturday, December 02, 2023

NatGeo’s Traveler Photo Contest 2015 Proves That The World Is Beyond Beautiful

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Each year, National Geographic hosts a Traveler Photo Contest. This year, the judges reviewed over 18,000 photographs, taken and submitted from artists all around the world. There were a total of four categories, including Travel Portraits, Outdoor Scenes, Sense of Place, and Spontaneous Moments. We are absolutely amazed by the beauty all around us! Here are just a few of our favorites from the contest.

1. Sauna in the Sky by Stefano Zardini



2. Romania, Land of Fairy Tales by Eduard Gutescu


3. The power of few by Stefane Berube


4. Light Trails in Monument Valley by James Hale


5. Loikaw, Myanmar by Handi Laksono


6. The Glow of an Arctic Noon at Dawn by Kristin Repsher


7. SAKURA Color by Motoki Uemura


8. Aurora over Atigun Pass by Fred Wasmer


To see more of the world’s beauty captured in this contest, check out the Photo Contest’s page on the NatGeo website.

Image source: National Geographic Travel
Article by: Alissa Fairchild > Twitter