Monday, March 27, 2023

Inspiration Of The Day: Waitress Paid For A Cancer Patient’s Dinner And Left Him The Sweetest Note!

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17-year-old waitress Daniela Bossi has just inspired the world with one simple action: she used her tips to pay for the meal of a man battling brain cancer.

A teenager waitress from New Jersey is inspiring others after she used her tips to pick up the bill for a man who is fighting brain cancer.

Rick Lewallen has been fighting cancer since April, which gives him very little time to go out with his wife, Annette. But last Thursday, the couple went to Brother’s Pizza on Route 33 in New Jersey, where Daniela was their waitress.

Rick Lewallen has been fighting brain cancer since April, he told, and his treatment doesn't leave him a lot of opportunities to go out with his wife, Annette.
Daniela knew that Lewallen was in the midst of his cancer battle, and she wanted to help the couple as much as possible.  At the end of their meal, Daniela used the tips that she had earned that night to pay for the couple’s dinner. She also left a beautifully heartwarming hand-written note on the bill:

Rick and Annette were incredibly moved by Daniela’s actions, and people from around the world have been inspired by the story. We LOVE this story and hope that these random acts of kindness will spread all over the world!

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Article by Alissa Fairchild > Twitter